Adopt Rusty

Rusty was really anxious when he arrived. Given that he was discovered as a stray in a parking lot, it was totally natural why he was anxious and afraid of everything. Animal control reported that even though he was malnourished and nobody knew how long he had been wandering the streets, he was the sweetest boy when they took him in. We don’t know much about his past, but that doesn’t matter because he doesn’t let his past keep him down. When we first met him, we could see in his eyes how determined he was to get over his fears, and he did. It takes a strong individual to be able to recognize that the wheel of life keeps spinning and that we must continue to spin with it, letting go of what has ailed us in order to look forward to the coming tomorrow. And that is exactly what we see in Rusty every single day.Rusty is special. He observes everything around him calmly without feeling the urge to bark excessively. Despite his initial fear of the crate, he never once refused to enter it when told to do so. He also has the most beautiful smile. Seriously. You can literally see him smile from ear to ear when he sees you walk in the room. He knows basic commands, and walks on the leash very well. Even though he was terrified of dogs, he can walk right past them when you take the lead.  He loves other people as well. He's very gentle and knows charm everybody with his puppy eyes.

Rusty would thrive in a home with no other pets. He deserves someone who will cherish him for the excellent companion he is. He is happy just to be with you and expresses his appreciation with his friendly smile and wagging tail.

Rusty will go to his forever home with an Impact Dog Crate and we will also proudly sponsor a session with our trusted trainer, Mirror Image K9, to assist with the transition process and help him settle in his forever home.

We know a special human is out there for Rusty, and we can’t wait to see him get all the love he deserves. If you’d like to set up a meet and greet with Rusty, please complete the adoption application.