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Hello Everyone! My name is Django.

I live in Northern Alaska and was rescued from really bad situation. I was tied up to a 3-foot chain stuck to the ground where the temperature reaches -40 below zero with 60mph winds.

I was starved and attacked by other dogs which is why i have scars on my face and body.

Some really nice people that were visiting Alaska found me and fought for me to be released. The bad human that chained me up didn't want to let me go and after a long battle they were able to take me out of there.

They fell in love with me and I fell in love with them. They have been taking really good care of me and we go on really cool adventures together. 

100% handmade soap bar
100% handmade soap bar

I never knew of a comfy bed or what it is like to be loved. They have shown me all the good things in life and that I am worthy of love.

But now they have to leave soon and they want to take me with them to have a happy life in Georgia. Most airlines are not allowing large dogs to travel, even in the cargo section. And the only airline that does, because I am part Bull mixed into my breed, will not allow me to fly. 

meet the founder
meet the founder

My parents found out we can get to Anchorage on a private plane from our village, and from there drive to Georgia. We will spend 9 days driving 4,400 miles from Anchorage to Atlanta. But I’m not complaining! It would be my dream come true. 

This trip will cost them $9,000 and they can't afford it right now. I'm really scared that they won't be able to take me and there are no rescues here that can take care of me. 

meet the founder

Will you please help save me and take me to Georgia?

All donations are backed by The Ozzie Albies Foundation. The Ozzie Albies Foundation is a 501 C-3 non-profit animal rescue organization (E.I.N: 87-2692326). 

Open Letter From My Dad, Mark:

Hi, my name is Mark. My wife Ele and I work & live in a tiny remote village in Northern Alaska. Two years ago, we rescued a wonderful dog named Django. Dogs in Northern Alaska suffer a difficult life. Many are neglected and poorly treated by their owners. Some are tied to a 3-foot chain to the ground and are never released their entire life. Never able to run around or play.

Never able to go indoors to escape the harsh weather. They are not given shelter to sleep in for protection from the extreme cold snow, wind and ice. They suffer through the harsh winters chained to the ground where the temperature reaches -40 below zero with 60 mph winds. Many are not fed food or given water for days. Some are beaten and abused by the villagers just for sport and fun. And many suffer this horrific life until they die of starvation, thirst, beatings or the freezing weather.

While we can't save all the dogs up here, we were able to rescue one of them and care for him. Django is such a wonderful dog, full of love and happiness and who loves to play. He lives with us inside our home, and we provide plenty of food, love and care for him.

We want to bring Django with us to our home in Georgia, where he can live when we move back there this Fall. But unfortunately, most airlines are not allowing large dogs to travel, even in the cargo section, since COVID started two years ago. And the only airline that does, because he has part Bull mixed into his breed, will not allow him to fly. However, we can get him to Anchorage on a private plane from our village. But from there, we will have to transport him to Georgia by renting a vehicle and then spend nine days driving the 4,400 miles from Anchorage to Atlanta.

This trip will cost us around $9,000 for the airfare, vehicle rental, lodging and gas. We ask for any support you can give in helping us rescue this wonderful dog and save him. I wish we could keep all the dogs up here, but at least we can help one at a time.